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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stirman's Law #56...

Stirman’s Law # 56 states:

The larger the metropolitan area, the harder the business must work to stay ahead of the competition.”

It pains me to say this, really- it does, however I’ve noticed something. The smaller the town, the worse customer service seems to be these days among our local business establishments. Of course there are exceptions to be found, but in general I think small town business owners believe they don’t have to work as hard. ‘The competition is scarcer (or non existent), therefore we will prevail.’ This is a VERY dangerous mindset and those who cater to this philosophy would do well to visit with their big city counterparts who have to scramble for every percentage point of the business pie chart.

In a world as small as ours (thanks in large part of the World Wide Web), this is critical thinking and could prove fatal to the entrepreneur who has just hung his/her shingle. Competition is EVERYWHERE.

- Just because you are the latest craze- don’t think it will last beyond the initial fad.

- You may be new-but there are others right behind you gearing up for something similar.

- When you appear successful, someone will eventually take away your market share.

- Customer loyalty is necessary, and as such is like a garden…it needs constant tending.

- When you make a mistake- OWN IT, don’t attempt to explain it away.

- In today’s society, it’s the nice guy/gal who will be remembered…so go the extra mile.

- Did you really remember my name or my child’s name on my return visit? Priceless PR!

- When was the last time you thanked a customer in person?

- When was the last time you performed over and above the customer’s expectations?

- At what point are you finished cultivating the relationship? ANSWER: Never!

There is simply too much competition in every field imaginable. One cannot simply rest on past deeds and expect to reap rewards. Rewards come from work- sustainable work in progress. Please don’t take my business for granted. I’m begging you.

For the internet forums and consumer sites await me…and the strokes from my mighty keyboard.


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