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Friday, February 15, 2008

POLL Question...

In light of recent school shootings, which are on the increase, I propose a straw poll here:

Should colleges/universities allow the carry of legally concealed handguns on their campuses in the name of personal safety?
(yes or no)

Leave your answer in the comments section below. If you would like, please defend your answer to enhance the following debate.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Political Faux Pas in the Garage

The following photograph has been circulating rapidly around the blog-o-sphere and the internet. If you look closely, you may recognize the man in the suit holding the M-4 assault rifle. The ensuing controversy over the photo's release in The Times Picayune has leveled the press office in both the Mayor's office and his local police headquarters. To be fair, a video taken at the event shows quite another story, but it still doesn't absolve Mr. Nagin of his reckless attitude towards weapons. The chief has his finger wide of the trigger guard and his gun's action open. It is unclear if Nagin's weapon is in the "open" position. But that curled up trigger finger makes me nervous.

In one of my last posts, I addressed weapons handling and weapon readiness/awareness. Does the above photo make you feel comfortable about Ray Nagin's A) hand positions B) his body language?

In certain circles, Mr. Nagin risks getting slapped upside his foolish head for being so reckless. Whether or not intended, the muzzle of that rifle was in position to fire upon the Chief of Police or any other bystander present at this function.

Something else to remember, this is the same N.O. Mayor who took away his law abiding citizens' weapons during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One unfortunate elderly lady in her 70's was taken captive by unnecessary force and greatly harmed in the process. Was it street wandering thugs or criminals who perpetrated this unthinkable act? No, it was Mr. Nagin's gestapo squad of policemen following his orders to disarm the general population in order to cut down on violent crime. Let's see....rapists roaming free in the relief shelter set up at the Super Dome committing unspeakable acts of atrocities by the hour, or visiting the elderly and upon learning that they have a legally obtained weapon- arresting them by force and putting them in jail. Ummm, that makes perfect sense...if you live in Louisiana and fall under corrupt political parties. If not for the National Rifle Association's emergency injunction filed in court on behalf of it's members residing in the Sportsman's Paradise, this civic catastrophe would have continued and more citizens would have been deprived of the only means to defend themselves!

Yeah, Ray, you are a real sweetheart of a public servant...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Observations....

Wow- there has been a lot in the news lately that has transpired, and like many of you, I have been nose-to-the-glass watching the unfolding political fray leading up to the November showdown! The latest news out today is that Romney has bowed out- after showing an acceptable gain of delegates following Super Tuesday. What is that all about, I wonder? Here are some other observations:

-Obama is kicking Hillary's butt on the fund-raising trail. He outpaced her income by a margin of 3 to 1 last month alone, and since Super Tuesday, has raised an additional $7 million- most of which came from on-line donations. Seems Ron Paul isn't the only one using the internet to his favor. Amazing...

-The power of the "Clinton Machine", in the face of dogged determination by conservative groups, commentators, bloggers, and her own democratic party detractors & rivals, remains effective in keeping Hillary's hopes alive. Don't doubt the veracity of what is to come in order to gain the outcome that she eagerly desires. She is not out, she is not finished, she will NOT give up.

-Two of the four influential political legs of the Democratic stool have lent their support to Mr. Obama and it is definitely having a negative effect on the Clinton camp. If you have any doubts, know that Mrs. Clinton kicked in $5M of her own money just to keep up with Barack's media blitzing. (Clintons don't kick in their own money, they ask friends- or rather strong arm them- to do it for them.) The four names that correspond to the legs are: John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, and Al Gore. The first two have made public endorsements, the last two have not. The last two carry the most weight- most notably Mr. Dean who is currently the Chair of the Democratic Party and who said in a news release earlier this week, that if the 50/50 split between the two front runners was not resolved by end of February, he would have them sit down in his office and come to grips with who is most viable before the August convention so as not to keep the feud going and thus ruin their attempt at winning the White House come November. (Dean was humiliated and snubbed by the Clintons in his bid attempt for the nomination in the 2000 contest. Any guesses as to which way he is leaning?) As for Mr. Gore, coming off his surprise receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize, it appears that former Clinton insider, Dick Morris, suggests that Mr. Gore could easily sink the Clinton armada with one fatal swoop of his tongue- should he choose to exercise it. When asked by the media leading up to Super Tuesday, Mr. Gore said he would not endorse either candidate until after the results were in. Well Mr. Gore, the results are in, and you still haven't made your decision...the country is waiting.

-A coroner stated that a young, otherwise healthy male actor "accidentally overdosed" after consuming a combination of 6 pharmaceutical-grade medications. Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but if someone knowingly takes 6 pills at the same time- that hardly qualifies as an accident. Let's call it what it really is, shall we? (S-U-I-C-I-D-E) Even in death, the privileged get the last word in how they are perceived by the public. Yet another media bias I suppose.

-Ford Motor Company continues to spiral into it's grave (of it's own digging) in light of it's pro-stance on Homosexuality causes and groups that it sponsors through it's corporate headquarters. Sales figures over the last 23 months have all been in the red- except for 2 months. Their stock share value has declined into single digits and has been/is languishing at that level. And yet, Ford refuses to acknowledge neutrality in the culture war on family values- they bow to the minority, instead of embracing the majority of those who politely contend that homosexuality fails to promote healthy lifestyles, healthy families, or healthy communities. See AFA's latest report on this matter.

-The Stock Market- man, oh man!! I feel like I've been on a roller-coaster for weeks now. The Dow Jones closed up in the 3rd quarter of last year and was poised for further gains into the fourth quarter. But we were denied again. A slumping housing market, fueled by a tidal wave of risk-heavy mortgage policies underwritten by the nation's leading mortgage firms, fed an already broiling economy. Couple this with the too narrow point shaving of the Federalistas reserve rate by our dovish Central Bank and it's a recipe for recession. Talks inside D.C. circles soon turned into media frenzy over the the next Congress-sponsored "fix" to assist the financially inept, bankrupt generation that is contributing to our weak economy by continuing to feed on this downward-spiraling cycle we call DEBT. Please, people- wake up and smell the coffee!! It's time to take a Dave Ramsey course and get your lives back on stable ground. I'm a believer and current disciple- trust me, spend the $100 and 13 weeks listening to his sage, easily understood and implementable advice...It WILL change your life!

Did you know? (data from 2004)
- the average American owns and is responsible for 8 credit cards
-The average American household averaged $8,000 in credit card debt alone
-The average American has 1.5 vehicle loans with an average monthly payment of $500
- More than 40% of Americans spend more than they earn

And the Democrats continue to spurn the Bush Tax cuts by refusing to make them permanent and helping EVERY American family in all income brackets. Yet- they quibble over the one time tax rebate that the House passed last month and sent to the Senate. The Senate won't turn loose of it until they balloon it past the original intent and thus shoot another hole in the federal deficit. Why? So they can point to that number come November and say it's all George and his cronies fault. If ever there was a need for a national Sanity Shot- now is the time...