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Friday, September 26, 2008

Barack Educated by Elder Statesman

Tonight was a FUNDAMENTAL, front row panoramic view of an elder statesman who possesses proven international relations experience, established relationships with US allies, and who exemplified a keen working knowledge of military tactics and strategy.

No less than 8 times in 90 minutes, Senator Obama audibly agreed with his rival on several key points. From a true Lincoln-Douglas debate format, Obama was crushed tonight. For an Ivy League educated lawyer to be so keenly whipped by a middle-of-the-road Naval Academy graduate- it is a true embarrassment. Obama will be licking his wounds for days to come as he no doubt replays the tape looking for talking points as he once more takes to the campaign trail. This writer is already looking forward to the Monday poll results. I’m betting a minimum 5 point bounce for McCain – Palin. If Governor Palin hands Biden a corollary cuffing next Thursday evening, that number should increase and secure the Republicans another term. Make no mistake, whoever leads in the majority of vetted polls by at least 5% will come out on top. There will not be time to overcome a significant lead should it materialize.

While both candidates sidestepped the opportunity to expound his views on the current economic meltdown, the key topic that emerged at the urging of moderator Jim Lehrer, was that of national security - the main lightening rod that keeps the Democratic candidate from surging ahead in the polls. For all intents and purposes, these two Presidential candidates are in a statistical dead heat. When one considers that the Democratic candidate has been campaigning on one central issue for 2 YEARS, against the incumbent party’s President, it’s amazing that the Challenger isn’t 10-20 points ahead. Looking at polling data, however, the answer is very clear. Most conservative Democrats and voters who consider themselves either independents or ‘moderates’ cannot fathom a man with less than two years’ national exposure and experience at the serious helm of the world’s leading superpower. Especially when it comes time to decide whether or not aggression is the answer- and for how long, where, at what level, and whether or not the Junior Senator is worried about what Kenya, Canada, North Korea, Iran and France might think.

Several times (4?) Sen. McCain was interrupted by Sen. Obama. It was not only rude, it goes to the credibility of statesman-like maturity and patience- something Barack clearly does not possess as he unerringly proved tonight. He was simply out of his element, and fresh out of teleprompters. Not once did Senator McCain interrupt Obama's 2-minute oratories, though he did attempt to set the record straight during rebuttals after Obama clearly misstepped on the issue of Henry Kissinger's position on table discussions with aggressive foreign leaders.

The lynch-pin, though, was when McCain aptly told the entire viewing audience that he had been to both Iraq and Afghanistan to discuss military strategy with current military leaders- even though Sen. Obama is on the sub-committee for military affairs and has not once set foot in Afghanistan where Sen. Obama feels the most pressure needs to be applied. McCain was poignant, "So, I ask you, why hasn't he visited with those making the decisions when he talks about failed strategies and policies?" (OUCH- Obama actually winced on camera here.)

No, it was perfectly clear who had the ability to lead, to discuss intelligently and from personal experience on any of a variety of security issues. Now on to taxes...

Sen. Obama clearly stated that he was for investment in alternative fuels, bio diesels, solar and wind energy, subsidized college tuition for all, socialized medicine, subsidized mortgages, socialized retirement, etc. By that count alone, he would have to raise taxes some $1Trillion dollars on top of the current 3/4 of a Trillion bail-out occurring on Capitol Hill for Wall Street. This country can't afford another government-mandated tax of any size, let alone of titanic proportions. The markets have not yet stabilized even with the infusion of congress-mandated revenue (borrowed revenue), and Obama is happily crying for more. He has no idea how free markets operate, what stimulus' are required, and when to act. His timing on raising taxes at this juncture of the campaign, in the midst of economic chaos, is a godsend to the McCain advising think tank. They should hit this hard, repeatedly, over the next 6 weeks along with the security issue.

Obama's own words, used against him, would prove very effective. Ad folks, pay attention.

Biggest gaffe of the evening? Obama's reference to the Great Depression under Franklin Roosevelt. (The Depression started with the Crash of '29- under Herbert Hoover's Presidency, 1929-1933.) While it is debatable about when the Great Depression truly ended, it certainly started and matured under Hoover- 4 years prior to Roosevelt taking office. Talk about revisionist History...is this what "change" means to Mr. Obama?


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Democratic Problem Solving

This is the funniest clip I've seen in a long time, and speaks to what I frequently write about; the inability for most Democrats to come up with a common-sense approach to problem solving. Watch the clip, you'll see what I mean:

(My thanks to Mike for forwarding this to my attention.)


Monday, September 15, 2008

Serious Journalism...?

Today, I'm shocked to learn that NBC has hired Luke Russert, son of former Meet the Press Anchor and recently deceased, Tim Russert. 22 years old, with zero experience in Television and broadcast journalism, he's being tapped for covering election issues and topics as they relate to "the youth culture".

Serious journalists everywhere should be justifiably green with envy. Young Luke has been handed uncompromising access to both parties' candidates, the Democratic convention (where was he for the Twin Cities Convention?), and NBC executives say young Russert is going to be the new face representing "the youth vote" and politics.

I better not hear another anchor at NBC rail endlessly over Sarah Palin's lack of experience...


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Of Infidels & Infamy

Undoubtedly, we are going to be BOMBARDED by imagery from September 11, 2001.

Cut-and-paste journalism will be rampant…

Mic-wielding talking heads will pontificate into the cameras ad nauseum

Political rhetoric will rule the airwaves…

Rallies will be held at Ground Zero…

Anti-war demonstrations will be held across the country…

Conspiracy nuts will attempt to gain air time for their latest groupie-induced hysteria…

….but you and I will know differently what this anniversary stands for. You and I will understand the serious consequences this date testifies to. You and I know that there are still brave men and women who are putting it all on the line in the name of “defense of country” and “service” and “honor” and “duty”. You and I know that there is still that lingering question from 2001. (What if it happens again?) You and I know that it can happen again. You and I know it could be much worse than last time, affecting more lives and extended families all over the globe.

But you and I are different. We don’t easily forget scenes that played over and over on our television sets while families were permanently devastated and the citizenry demoralized. We won’t forget the families of the fire and police personnel who rushed to the scenes of madness in order to promote safety and life. We will not forget the brave people on United Flight 93 who declared that they were not sheep and that their collective destiny was not in the hands of sweating, terrified, misguided terrorists who were taught to hate on a scale – and to a depth - that few can imagine.

While you and I can relate and understand to a degree - we need to remember that our collective fate depends on the next man to sit in the leather-backed wing chair in the White House. We need to remind our friends and neighbors, our family and colleagues, our sons and daughters that the next man to control our destiny where American safety is concerned must know the difference between:

A Brigade and a Boyscout Troop

A B-1B and a Boeing 757

A ‘Nimitz’ Class Carrier and a Norwegian Cruise Ship

Surrender and Force Reduction

Torture and Fraternity Hazing

An M16 and a Mini-14

A Marine Sentinel and a Bodyguard

Patriotism and Platitudes

Duty and Discussion

Honor and Hopefulness

Service and Servitude

Rapiers and Resolutions

Temperance and Talk

Experience and Eloquence

Strength and Soliloquy

Determination and Dismissive

Destiny and Disdain

Character and “change”

This is what I will be thinking about when pulling the lever on Nov. 4th.

What will you be thinking about?


Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm Loving It!!

GOP bounce: McCain overtakes Obama

David Paul Kuhn Sun Sep 7, 3:52 PM ET

John McCain has overtaken Barack Obama in the Gallup daily tracking poll and has his highest level of support in that poll since early May.

McCain leads Obama 48 percent to 45 percent among registered voters, by Gallup’s measure. McCain has so far earned the same convention bounce as Obama, though at a more rapid pace.

Obama peaked at a 5-point convention bounce in polling published last Tuesday. He was ahead 49 percent to 43 percent in the Gallup poll conducted before the Republican convention. He then soared to 50 percent for the first time of the election, by Gallup’s measure, while McCain fell to 42 percent.

McCain’s 5-point to 6-point bounce so far, like Obama’s, remains at par with historical expectations. In the 22 major-party conventions since 1964, the nominee walked away with, on average in most years, a 5-point to 6-point uptick in Gallup’s polls. The presidential polling will likely remain in flux until the middle of next week.

Today's Gallup report continues to include some polling conducted prior to McCain's acceptance speech. Tomorrow's report will be the first to include interviews solely conducted following the close of the GOP convention.

Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll also reported today that when "leaners” are included, Obama and McCain are now tied at 48 percent. That means that, by Rasmussen’s measure, Obama’s 6-point bounce has been erased. CBS News polling had shown the same outcome midway through the GOP convention.

McCain’s resurgence in the polls comes as Nielsen Media Research reported that the Republican convention earned more television viewers than the Democratic convention. Republicans earned an average audience of 34.5 million, while Democrats earned an average viewership of 30.2 million.

Obama, McCain and GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin all earned a similar and record audience for their convention speeches, each nearing about 40 million viewers.

Now it's getting interesting, folks!!


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dems find THE key!

Well, for awhile it appeared that the Dems could really use some help.

They talked a good game, put on their war paint, danced around the stage last week and, generally, stirred up a lot of dust while worshiping at the alter of "O'Biden".

But reports have come trickling in that the ever-present Dems have actually procured a tool that will execute all of their fondest desires and fantasies. The tool...

  • Is in their grasp...
  • Will promote confidence...
  • Ensure constancy of use...
  • Is sure to satisfy their innermost political and social cravings...
  • Renders immediate partisan results...
  • Will assuage any alarm or panic to their constituency...
  • Will serve to rally the Democratic party faithful...
  • Will inspire party confidence...
  • Will be replicated at all levels of government...
  • Will be manufactured to customer specifications and requirements...
  • Is Union approved...
  • Is endorsed by The Sierra Club, PETA, The Brady Campaign, and Al Gore...

The tool is non other than...

(Good luck to all of my Democratic friends out there. Your confidence is now my confidence!)