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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Al Gore...No More!

Whether or not you choose to watch what can only be described as a variety show that is the Democratic Convention in the Mile High City, I think you should be aware of a wonderful story as told by Glenn Beck. This is especially timely, given WHO is scheduled to stump for "O" tonight.

Watch this video, and then give your immediate reaction in the comments section.

(Find Glenn Beck's website here)


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ebony & Ivory

Obama has repeatedly stated that his campaign represents women.

He has repeatedly stated that he represents the Latino community.

Understandably, he represents the African - American community.

"O" says he stands for change, and yet, in the end, his pollsters convinced him that he was too weak on foreign policy in comparison to John McCain. Solution? Tap the one Democrat who has spent his entire lifetime in the Political Beltway- without really doing anything of note - except Chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Obama's pick for Veep is non other than Jumpin' Joe Biden.

So much for 'change'. Obama could have picked a woman to be his running mate. Obama could have picked a Latino for his running mate. Obama could have picked an African American for his running mate (talk about REAL change- that would have garnered this writer's attention), but he didn't. He settled. He settled hard. He settled for the whitest cracker in the Democratic Party. (Me thinks that the inspiration for Steve Martin's movie character in The Jerk was inspired by Biden.) Obama just canceled out his own words, "I stand for change in Washington, I'm not a career politician..." No, perhaps not. But he just picked one for his running mate. If this was a calculated decision, then just like in mathematics, they cancel each other out.

Is it ANY wonder the Democrats continue to row their boat year after year with nothing more than fly-swatters for oars? God help us if these two get their way. One stands for "change" without any supporting details, the other stands for any and every change as it supports his personal political career.

McCain, are you paying attention? You've just been handed a gift of Mt. McKinley proportions...