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Monday, May 28, 2007

Why are these kids smiling?

Why are these children smiling?

Is it because they have just been told they are about to go get a snow-cone?
Is it because they just finished a wonderful lunch of their own making?
Is it because they are out of school and are looking forward to a long Summer vacation?
Or, is it because they are free to pursue whatever they want on this beautiful day?

Today is Memorial Day. A day that all Americans (mostly) can relax, go to a movie, go to the local swim club, or find that all important snow-cone. This is a nation that recognizes capitalism, free markets, freedom of religion/speech and the pursuit of liberty like no other nation on this earth. But it's a nation that owes a great debt of gratitude to men and women who generations past and present, ensured that she remains that way.

When I was my kids' age, I took this day for granted- often repeatedly. As I've grown older and wiser I've come to recognize the incredible price that was paid for me to pursue whatever I want- whenever I want- wherever I want. There aren't too many places on this globe where one can make that statement.

Today I've reflected mostly on those who have given their lives, willingly, so that the rest of us can peruse the local sales at the outlet center, eat out a meal or two, barbecue on the grill and generally make the most of a national holiday that invokes in me a debt of gratitude that I can never repay.

A BIG thank you to all our veterans who we honor today! Because of you, I'm able to choose how I live my life and lead my family accordingly. Your sacrifice makes it possible for all of us to pursue our dreams, in whatever fashion we choose.

You will not be forgotten, you will be cherished. Your sacrifice lives on in each of us who continue to make our mark in this world. I, for one, intend to use that gift to the best of my ability in order to honor your memory...


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Presidential Contender?

Filmmaker Michael Moore's latest attempt at "serious" documentary, Sicko, has taken the conservative world by storm for his attempts to publicly transport a few 9/11 survivors with asymptomatic medical maladies to Castro's Cuba for healthcare paid for by none other than Messr Moore.
(I don't use the French reference lightly, I liken Mr. Moore to that particular culture as he is more like the French than American: fat, lazy, possessor of cheesy facial hair, horrible dresser, loathes weaponry and is forever directing his finger at someone else whilst parting with infinite instructions and insults at a cataclysmic rate.)

The problem is, he has created quite the row with certain politicians and one particular Hollywood actor who is well established and is already being likened to Ronald Reagan for his straight-talking style. Fred was not impressed with Moore's challenge to a health care debate. Presumably the debate would pertain to the merits or lack thereof on America's Healthcare system vs. Cuba's national health care system. Thompson decided to put Moore in his rightful place via the internet

This video says it all and comes straight from Mr. Thompson's personal library:

Run Fred, run!!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Know any plastic surgeons?


I just can't even imagine this staring me in the face if she wins office next year!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Change Of Pace....

My sweet, loving attentive wife doesn’t appreciate Jazz.

There was a time in my life when it took up a considerable portion of my time and energy. I spent the better part of 12 years of my life refining my music on a beautiful Getzen “Severinsen” model B-flat trumpet. I loved playing that instrument. And I loved my father all the more for introducing me to Jazz. I started playing Jazz melodies when I was 12. By the time I was in High School I was taking weekly private lessons from an incredible, local tutor and beginning to excel.

College rolled around and I stayed connected with Jazz, Big Band, Blues and all manner of musical disciplines. My interest and respect for the professional musician rose exponentially as I became exposed to a wider range of artists. Mostly, I would seek out fellow trumpeters and brass musicians alike. Later, I developed an ear for “the other guys” in the ensemble. The sax, guitar, piano and those crazy drummers! Names like- Gillespie, Basie, Coltrane, Dorsey, Goodman, Miller, Parker, Hines, Morton, Oliver, Davis, Satchmo, Ellington, Monk, Ferguson, Fitzgerald, Hirt, Severinsen, Clark, Shaughnessy and Vizutti.

The video clip below is of the late, great Jazz drummer- Buddy Rich. (1917-1987)
Buddy’s career started in 1921 at the tender age of 4! (His parents were vaudeville actors.) He was 53 when this video was taken- and going strong. He had his own band, his own HUGE reputation in jazz circles and was unarguably known as the best drummer in the history of the world. I will publicly contend that he still is- even in death. No one has come along to dethrone the king of the trap set.

The video is 4 minutes long. After the first minute, things get VERY interesting. The momentum that Buddy could build into his drum solos remains legendary. He was one of the finest musicians and showmen on the circuit. Many of today’s greats attribute their expertise and showmanship to emulating their mentor - Buddy Rich. An accomplished musician, writer and publisher of his own charts- there will never be another like him!

Is there any drummer left in this world who can accurately keep tempo with Rich’s heralded, quintessential chart, Time Check? No one comes to mind…